One day on earth

Valery De Smedt

The HelloHome project

As far as I can remember, remote controlling things have always been a goal in itself. I can remember the time when I was around 12 and though of a system to close the curtains of my bedroom without leaving my bed. At that time, it would have been made of fisher technics, RC servo motors from my RC plane and a modified version of my first RC remote. The project was never finished but, already then, gave me hundreds of hours of very interesting time fiddling with electronic and remote controls. Well, guess what... nothing has fundamentaly changed and, when I first met Arduino's, my playground had expended a bit but my first idea was again to remote control everything in my house. I stated to look for an Arduino alike that would be easier to embed in a small box and would ideally include wireless capabilities and found Moteino

This guy have everything I needed:

I immediately ordered a few of them to test them and started to write the specifications of what will one day be the Hello Home project : a network of moteino based home automation nodes (power switching, environmental data capturing, energy counter monitoring, and more) and a beagle bone based gateway to store data, manage the configuration and provide internet access to the whole network.

One of the things I want is that all nodes runs exactly the same sketch so i can update them all without having to configure the code first. This goal would be achieve by two means : central node configuration stored on the gateway and sent through wireless to each nodes and local configuration (mainly node id) stored in the onboard flash.